Business Plan


Executive summary

Travel through South East Asia to the Indian sub-continent and unwind at our luxurious MAYAGARDEN resort on the beautiful coast of Kerala. Stay at our exclusive 9 suite all inclusive private retreat offering world class and authentic Indian cuisine, daily yoga, ayurvedic massage, cultural excursions and activities catering to the needs of our valued guests and the promotion of south Indian tourism and culture.

MAYABRIDGE Our Online Travel agency specific to our tours will arrange all flights, hotels, and drivers along our routes organizing the trip in our easy to use Itinerary APP that features GPS mapping, local food recommendations, places of interest, and historic facts to help along the way. Our “English speaking” guides will welcome guests at the airport and deliver them to the first nights hotel scheduled with in our hand picked network of hotels and lodging offered at various price ranges. Our team of enthusiastic drivers and travel guides will allow our customers to feel comfortable navigating their trip and having the experience of a lifetime!

Our target client market is the sophisticated, seasoned traveler interested in the magic of India but not yet experienced with travel in South East Asia. We will specifically start with the upwardly mobile film and television community of Los Angeles of which one of our founding members is a part of. This Target group in the beginning with will help us develop our systems of operation at the resort and along the journey while creating a strong business model for the future and becoming more exclusive.

After construction of the facility and organizing our network of sub contractors our goal is to be a fully functioning resort before the next high season of nov dec jan. our plan is to offer discounted trips to friends and family within the film industry at the same time perfecting our hospitality and service systems to grow into a year round multi-purpose luxury resort.

Our Vision

To become a leading independent hotel and travel company providing informed, uncomplicated, safe and unique travel experiences that feature the food, culture and comfort in South East Asia.

Our Mission

To provide our valued customers with gracious hospitality and quality travel services that form a unique experience while providing luxury accommodations at our resort in Varkala India. Creating a strong business model and employee base who are proud members of our travel network. Recognizing that our employees and contractors are an integral part of our success, we aim to promote a positive work environment that offers promotion and loyalty for the company and South Indian tourism.

While in India we will offer 24 hr phone / text service to help with any questions or issues. we will offer a guest phone with each room that can work as a local phone as well as a hot spot for personal phones. All our drivers and guides will be english speaking for explainng and discussing tour details. Our tech game will be strong and functional. Offering our clients a unique journey with out all the struggle.

All trips are based around around a 3 to 10 day stay at Varkala the rest of the journey will be managed by or team of subcontractors in the cities we travel to: Kumily, Madurai, Munnar, Chennai, Mahaballapuram. We will develop our costs into a daily rate depending on accomadation status outside our main Resort.

Our plan is to develop other micro resort destinations with in our package tour network.


We are selling unique personalized package tours based around our flagship beach resort at Varkala.


mid august start building

soft opening for the high season bring in friends  and develop our staff and procedures with our friend guests.

Develop our low season plan by bringing in management team building retreats as well as a writers retreat and workshops.  Bring over seasoned Hollywood  professionals to give classes to film school students from around india.


People will come for our personal service. Comfortable acommaditions  and our knowledge of southern India and its many traditions. 

Specifically, the plan should include:

  1. Executive summary. This is the high-level overview of your hotel business plan. It should be a quick and concise view into the most important elements.
  2. Brand positioning. Tell the story of your brand. What is your concept? What does it stand for? Who is it targeted to? How does it fill a gap in the local market? Also work including is a bit about your objectives — revenue targets, occupancy rate profitability date, etc. 
  3. Market analysis. This analysis should be done at two levels: your local market and the broader industry. Show the local market travel patterns and put broader industry trends into context so potential investors understand the market sizing and potential for future growth.
  4. Competitor analysis. Clearly outline your competitors. Be honest and don’t hold back. Investors will cop to any glaring omissions. Highlight your understanding of who your hotel competes directly with to highlight your savvy to potential investors.
  5. Guest segmentation. Expand upon the demographic targets from the brand positioning section. Who is the hotel for? Be as specific and detailed as possible here, including any personas and the addressable market of your target market. For example, if your boutique business hotel will target Millennial travelers, show how large this segment is.  Understanding guest personas is absolutely key to creating a successful hotel and is often under-appreciated.
  6. Strategic plan. Explain your strategies around marketing, distribution and revenue management. This is where you’ll convince investors that you have a sound plan to connect with customers, manage your inventory, and maximize your revenue.
  7. Operations plan. Provide a detailed look at how you operate the hotel, including the types of technology that she’ll use, how you will hire, what roles you will need to fill,  your service standards, and any other relevant operations info.
  8. Financial plan. Include your pro forma to outline forecasts and profit potential.
  9. The team. Sell your management team! Investors are looking at the management team’s ability to execute the vision laid out in the plan.
  10. Milestones. A timeline of relevant milestones, from initial permitting to build out to staffing, grand opening, and eventual profitability.
  11. Appendix. The end of the plan is where you’ll put any additional information or supporting documentation. Push anything that’s too complex here so that you can focus on the most important strategic highlights elsewhere. Remember that the objective is to secure investment so the plan should be edited accordingly.