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MasalaBridge is an (OTA) Online Travel Agency specializing in Southern India tours included with our flagship eco friendly micro-resort MayaaCove at Varkala Beach.

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MasalaBridge agents will customize a 10-21 day package tour to fit the budget and travel needs of your small group of family or friends making your south Indian experience unforgettable. Tours include a 3 to 7 day stay at MaayaCove our flagship Ayurvedic resort at Varkala Beach, airfare, ground transportation, and hotel reservations while on the road. Our guides will greet you at the airport and get your party to the first hotel safely

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Our network of travel associates (sub contracted from travel schools) will take personal care of our guests as “they need” or every step of the way. Offering our clients a unique journey with out all the struggle. While in India we will offer 24 hr phone / text service to help with any questions or issues. we will offer a guest phone with each room that can work as a local phone as well as a hot spot for personal phones. All our drivers and guides will be English speaking. Our tech game will be strong and functional.

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Stay at our luxury resort on the coast at Varkala Beach featuring ayurvedic massage and therapies, world class Indian cuisine, and cultural entertainment, coastal motorcycle tours and more…


A wanderer (eventually) knows the path.

7. आस्ते भग आसीनस्य, ऊध्वर्स्तिष्ठति तिष्ठतः।
शेते निपद्यमानस्य, चराति चरतो भगः।
Aitareya Brahman 7-15

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